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"Sometimes everything comes right in the theatre. You know it when it happens, and Garsington Opera's Orfeo is such a moment … Caird’s beautifully deft production, with designs by Robert Jones and lighting by Paul Pyant, creates a pastoral Arcadian vision before tragedy strikes"
Martin Kettle, The Guardian, 2 June

"Lyon’s epic central performance culminates in a white-hot account of the virtuosic Possente spirto, with echoing instrumentalists joining him on the stage. There’s much excellent singing all round, however, particularly from Claire Lees, setting the scene as La Musica, Frazer Scott as a gravelly Charon, and Lauren Joyanne Morris as a darkly glinting Persephone … Cummings opts for a beguilingly lush wash of continuo from five different musicians"
Richard Morrison, The Times, 2 June ​

"The music was played superbly, with unerring feel for the balance between instruments, the shifting of pace and the need to make space for the singers … If Robert Jones’ sets and Paul Pyant’s lighting did an exceptional job of getting us into the right frame of mind for Orfeo’s journey from lovesickness to the sweetness of requited love to the despair of loss, John Caird’s direction and Arielle Smith’s choreography were more remarkable still"
David Karlin, Bachtrack, 2 June

"Garsington Opera’s Orfeo is a breathtaking triumph"
Claudia Pritchard, Culture Whisper, 2 June

"Robert Jones’ vivid setting of the Arcadian first part, the stage filled with all the varied greens of early May, surmounted by the round O of eternity or heaven, later to be the portal to the underworld, is immediately gripping. The concept of Charon’s boat is a real coup de théȃtre at once sinister and engaging, with Paul Pyant’s wonderfully atmospheric lighting providing the crepuscular gloom of Hades as convincingly as the warm sun of the fields"
Melanie Eskenazi, Music OMH, 2 June​

"Zoe Drummond brings a gently glinting soprano as Euridice, and there are strong contributions from Anna Cavaliero (Nymph), Laura Fleur (La Speranza), Lauren Joyanne Morris (burnished of tone as Prosperina) and Ossian Huskinson (a sepulchral bass-baritone as Pluto) … This is an evening of true ensemble work"
John Allison, Daily Telegraph, 2 June ​


Così fan tutte

"The evolution of the staging is a fascinating one, obviously deeply thought through and sharpened with the understated elegance and emotional edge which defines the work of both the original director and his associate"
Melanie Eskenazi, Music OMH, 2 June

"With their usual adeptness, the Garsington team has cast Così with young singers who begin the evening with frivolous, light-hearted performances and move into the darker realms of jealousy and betrayal. Their acting is impeccable ... In the pit, a superb period-instrument orchestra the English Concert, conducted by Tobias Ringborg, matched the light, fleet-footed coloratura of the young singers, with the woodwind in particular taking the tricky corners with style."
Amanda Holloway, The Stage, 7 June