She has grown in confidence, performance skills and love of music.
Youth Company parent

The golden, bejewelled statue of the Happy Princess stands above the wintery city. A Swallow, left behind during migration, shelters by her feet. The Princess tells the bird that now she is dead, just a statue, her work is forgotten. She longs to comfort her suffering people. On her instruction, the Swallow takes her jewels to give to some sweatshop workers, an impoverished school and a group of refugees, and with the city birds' help, flakes of gold for all. But the Swallow dies of cold and the Mayor decrees that the statue, now stripped of its finery, must be melted down. In the embers, a child finds the Princess's leaden heart - broken, but not destroyed. 

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Paul Fincham
Jessica Duchen
Jonathon Swinard
Karen Gillingham
Vocal Director
Suzi Zumpe
Ruth Paton
Assistant Director
Anna Pool
Assistant Vocal Director
Kate Howden
Lara Marie Müller
Members of the Garsington Opera Youth Company