"I feel inspired. It makes me want to do stuff. It makes me want to create music."
Focus group participant

Monday Motivation

Join us for 20 minutes of singing, moving and motivation at 10am on a Monday morning - we all need it! 
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Watch the latest AppRa videos

Explore creative resources for young people aged 11-16.
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AppRa is a new digital resource for young people aged 11-16 years with the first set of films available to watch now. Through this programme we aim to enable young people to explore their creativity with Garsington Opera and other local arts organisations. 

The films can be experienced individually or collectively and teachers can also play them as part of lessons to show a different way of working. 

Watch this space for the next set of films.

Focus Groups

In making these films we have worked with three focus groups that have been integral to the development of AppRa. The groups have been with students at Millbrook Primary School and Cressex Community School in High Wycombe and with members of Garsington Opera's Youth Company. Here are some quotes from focus group participants:

"It gives me confidence to start something new."

"I like being part of the process of deciding what AppRa is." 

"If we weren't involved in the creation of AppRa, adults wouldn't understand what we want."