Opera & Wellbeing

We are committed to developing our Opera & Wellbeing strand of work in local hospitals and communities, including an annual project with service users at Wycombe Women's Aid. We have undertaken a period of consultation with Lucinda Jarrett (Rosetta Life) to explore how to develop this provision over the next three to five years. Rosetta Life is a group of artists who work with those living with life-limited illness, shaping and sharing stories that matter through movement, song, image, film and writing. They aim to transform the stigma of illlness and change the perception of disability. 

Join us for our health and wellbeing projects
Working in partnership with Rosetta Life, we are launching a project to deliver health and wellbeing performance arts across Buckinghamshire, Oxfordshire and Berkshire. Our Adult Company has been invited to take part in the hospital element of the project as well as our usual evening company rehearsals. We will be focusing on building performance arts within the rehabilitation services of High Wycombe Hospital Stroke unit. This is a development of Hospital Passion Play, performed at the V&A in 2017. 

​We would love to hear from local adults of all ages who enjoy singing and performing. Projects are fully funded, no prior experience is required and no audition is necessary. Our directors are hugely experienced in working with non-professionals and bringing the best out of them. Whether you have performed before or would like to try something new, become part of this exciting company by emailing learning@garsingtonopera.org or calling 01494 376037

PHASE 1: Winter 2019 
Ward Songs
We began with a six-week project, starting on Thursday 7 November, learning and staging some beautiful songs that have been written with stroke survivors and composed by Orlando Gough. We also held workshops in the hospital for patients which will included a small group from the Adult Company who supported them through the process. This culminated in a short, public performance at Wycombe Hospital on Saturday 7 December at 2.30pm

PHASE 2: Summer 2020
The Hospital Passion Play project continued digitally in June and July. Orlando Gough composed new music in response to Beethoven's Fidelio, drawing on themes from Hospital Passion Play.

Entitled ‘I Look for the Think’, Karen Gillingham (Creative Director) and Lea Cornthwaite (Vocal Director) ran weekly online rehearsals for the Adult Company which culminated in a digital performance of the piece. At the same time, Rosetta Life worked separately with a group of stroke ambassadors and carers. The digital performance combines all groups along with professional soloists Melanie Pappenheim and Rob Gildon.

Stroke Recovery Opera - "I Look for the think" - #WorldStrokeDay