Watch Eugene Onegin Online

For the first time in Garsington Opera's history, we are delighted to make Eugene Onegin available to watch online for free.  

Through our partnership with BBC Arts, and as a result of generous support from Arts Council England for the Garsington Opera for All programme, the production will be available to watch for a period of six months, worldwide.  This is part of Garsington Opera's ambitious Learning & Participation work, making great art available to all.

"Excellence and collaboration are at the heart of everything we strive for at Garsington Opera, so we're really excited to be working with BBC Arts to make our productions available online and to reach a wider audience."  Douglas Boyd (Artistic Director)

We hope that you will enjoy watching this production, either as a memory of your visit to Garsington Opera this summer or as an introduction to our work.



Scene One:
An estate in the country, late summer
Madame Larina and the old nursemaid, Filippyevna, remember their youth while the peasants on the estate are hard at work bringing in the harvest. Tatyana, the widowed Madame Larina’s eldest daughter, spends her time reading and dreaming, while her younger sister, Olga, plans to marry the poet Vladimir Lensky, their nearest neighbour. Lensky comes to visit, bringing with him his friend, Eugene Onegin. Tatyana is convinced that he is the man of her dreams.

Scene Two: Tatyana’s bedroom
Tatyana stays awake throughout the night, writing a love letter to Onegin. When morning comes she persuades Filippyevna to deliver it.

Scene Three: A corner of the Larin estate
Onegin returns Tatyana’s letter, telling her that he is unable to respond to such an impetuous outpouring of emotion: love and marriage are not for him.

Scene One:
The Larin home, winter
It is Tatyana’s nameday and friends and neighbours have gathered to celebrate. A Frenchman, Monsieur Triquet, sings an ode to Tatyana. Angered at being dragged to the party by Lensky and maddened by the guests’ assumptions, coupling him with Tatyana, Onegin dances all night with Olga. Lensky is furiously jealous and, losing his temper, challenges his friend to a duel. Onegin accepts.



Scene Two:
A lonely spot, early morning, three days later
Zaretsky, Lensky’s second in the duel, complains that their opponent is late. Lensky meditates on his love for Olga and the prospect of death. Onegin arrives and, although both he and Lensky are full of remorse and regret, they are unable to reach a reconciliation to avoid the duel. Lensky is killed.

Scene One:
A ballroom in St Petersburg, six years later
Onegin has been travelling abroad since the duel. On his return to St Petersburg he attends a grand ball and encounters Prince Gremin, who introduces his young wife, Tatyana. Onegin falls hopelessly in love with her.

Scene Two: A room in Prince Gremin’s place, some time later
Tatyana reads a love letter from Onegin, which has stirred up the memories of everything that has gone before. When Onegin implores her to respond to his passion Tatyana admits that she still loves him. But it is too late: she is now married and must honour the promises she has made to her husband. Onegin despairs.



Tatyana - Natalya Romaniw

Olga - Jurgita Adamonytė

Madame Larina, a widowed landowner - Louise Winter

Filippyevna, an old nursemaid - Kathleen Wilkinson

Peasant leader - Adam Temple-Smith

Vladimir Lensky, a poet - Oleksiy Palchykov

Eugene Onegin - Roderick Williams

A captain - Martin Häßler

Monsieur Triquet, a Frenchman - Mark Wilde

Zaretsky, a retired officer - Andrew Tipple

Guillot, Onegin’s manservant- Adam Torrance

Prince Gremin, a retired general - Brindley Sherratt

Garsington Opera Orchestra and Chorus



Conductor - Douglas Boyd

Director - Michael Boyd

Designer - Tom Piper

Lighting designer - Giuseppe di Iorio

Movement director/choreographer - Liz Ranken

Acrobatic choreographer - Lina Johansson

Assistant conductor - Jack Ridley

Assistant director - PJ Harris

Chorus master - Susanna Stranders

Surtitles - Jonathan Burton

Sound Supervisor - Andy Rose

Television Facilitites - EyeTidy / PLN

Television Director - Sonia Lovett