Sibylle Wex - Painted Silk

Sibylle Wex silk painting

The Garsington Opera shop has some exciting new additions for 2016, from jewellery to garden benches and bow ties. We spoke to textile designer Sibylle Wex about her background and her designs for the 2016 season.

At the age of six my mother gave me a watercolour box. I remember the fascinating swirls of colour as I washed out the brushes with such intensity that I could almost taste them. That feeling for colour has never waned. From the beginning I became a painter in love with colour.

I discovered silk painting by chance, after pursuing a career in industry designing carpets and furnishing fabrics, and was captivated by the opportunity to paint directly and spontaneously with colour. The scarves, shawls, ties and bow ties I produce are worked on directly so there is no room for hesitation or error.

I have always been inspired by the natural world and I am delighted Garsington Opera has commissioned me to produce an exclusive range for them this season. Each piece is individually hand-painted and hand-finished to spoil the opera visitor, something quite singular to enjoy.