Being an Alvarez Young Artist

Cliff Zammit Stevens, a member of our 2017 Alvarez Young Artists' Programme, shares his experiences. 

Having the opportunity to be selected as an Alvarez Young Artist during Garsington Opera's 2017 Season was definitely a privilege and highlight in my career.

Garsington Opera is run by international leading music professionals with an abundance of experience and advice to offer. Alvarez Young Artists are offfered covers during the season and this year I had the opportunity to cover the role of Don Basilio in Mozart's Le nozze di Figaro. 

Garsington Opera supports young artists and always strive to provide opportunities. This year the cover cast of Le nozze di Figaro were invited to perform in two separate venues outside of the main season at the Wormsley Estate, in addition to a performance in a private house. 

The first was at Drapers Hall in London. Being able to perform in such a beautiful historic building was an honour in itself and with the help of a stellar young cast it helped in making the performance the huge success that it was. The rehearsal process was so much fun and very creative. Our director, Deborah Cohen, was always open to suggestions and helped in creating a wonderful show. 

In addition to this we were also engaged to perform twice in beautiful Corfu. Travelling and performing around the world is part of our job but being able to spend time with a fantastic group of people on a picturesque Greek island doesn't happen often. The performances were received extremely well and took place in an amphitheatre not far from Corfu Town. It was a commemoration/reopening of the theatre after many years which made the event even more special.