2018 Awards: winners announced

We are delighted to announce the winners of the 2018 Leonard Ingrams Awards and the Helen Clarke and Simon Sandbach Awards. Presented on the Garsington stage at Sunday's final performance of the season, these prestigious awards are given to rising young artists who have performed in the Garsginton Opera Chorus, in small roles and as covers. All four singers were part of the Alvarez Young Artists' Programme which provides essential training and performance opportunities with the company. 

The Leonard Ingrams Awards honour the memory of Garsington Opera's founder to ensure the continuity of his vision and support, encourage and nurture the best young artists involved in the creative process of bringing opera to the stage. 

The Helen Clarke and Simon Sandbach Awards were created in memory of members of the Garsington Opera team and are made in recognition of the singers' extraordinary talent, musical skill and contribution to Garsington Opera's productions. 

Congratulations to all four winners! 

Leonard Ingrams Awards

Marlena Devoe
Alice Ford, cover Falstaff (including two performances) and chorus Die Zauberflöte and Falstaff
Being an Alvarez Young Artist has been an invaluable experience. I was given the opportunity to perform the role I was covering - something I never could have achieved without the help and support of the musical staff at Garsington. I will use this award to afford my language and voice lessons so I can continue to develop my voice and explore what it can do.

Verity Wingate
Pamina, cover Die Zauberflöte (including the schools' performance and one mainstage performance) and chorus Die Zauberflöte
Receiving the award has put the cherry on top of one of the best summers of my life. It will help to cover my singing lessons, recordings for the audition season and audition fees. 

Helen Clarke Award

Robert Forrest
Servant Capriccio, Flamand, cover Capriccio and chorus Die Zauberflöte and Falstaff
Returning this season as a member of Garsington Opera's Alvarez Young Artist's Programme has been a true pleasure and a very real privilege. As an emerging artist in the fledgling stages of a career in opera the opportunity to be part of such a supportive company and perform with established inspirational international artists, many of them role models of mine, is an experience that holds exceptional value for me. 

Simon Sandbach Award

Hollie-Anne Bangham
Pilar, cover The Skating Rink and chorus Die Zauberflöte and Falstaff
The endless skills I have learnt throughout my two years as an Alvarez Young Artist, particularly this year within contemporary opera, will remain with me throughout my career. This generous award will help me afford singing tuition and coaching necessary to continue my progress as an artist, as well as travel costs for auditions throughout the UK and Europe.