The 1989 Society

Garsington Opera Chorus
The 1989 Society recognises the support of those who have remembered Garsington Opera in their Will.

By leaving a gift in your Will to Garsington Opera you’re helping to ensure the future of an organisation you’ve loved during your lifetime. We understand that writing a Will is something many of us put off for all kinds of reasons. That’s why we offer our supporters a few ideas to make leaving a gift in your Will a little easier.

Of course, family and friends will be your first priority. But you can also leave a gift to future generations when you remember our work, either by supporting specific areas of work such as education and young singers, or contributing more generally towards the operatic enjoyment of young audiences. No gift is too small to make a lasting difference – we are grateful for every act of generosity and every penny we receive. Every gift makes a difference.

If you are interested in leaving a legacy to Garsington Opera (Registered Charity 1003042), or have done so already, please let us know in order that we can welcome you to The 1989 Society. Members are invited to attend private rehearsals and to meet members of the creative team. Personal wishes can be observed, to ensure your support is directed to an area that is particularly close to your heart, or in support of our core work – the staging of high-quality opera productions in exquisite surroundings.

For more information on leaving a legacy to Garsington Opera, including a free will-writing service, please contact:

Johnny Langridge (Director of Membership)
t. 01865 368201

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