"...a truly remarkable evening...This was a brave and wholly successful experiment."
Arts Journal

14, 15, 16, 17 July
Start time 6.40pm

It was Haydn’s first visit to London in 1791 that set in motion the sequence of events that would lead to his most famous and enduring masterpiece: The Creation. He was handed an English libretto on the creation of the universe, based on the accounts in Genesis and Milton’s Paradise Lost, and resolved to write his first oratorio.

It was a wonderful opportunity for Haydn to create dazzling effects, from the extraordinary depiction of chaos, which opens the work, to the thrilling choral and orchestral sunburst when the chorus relates how ‘God said: Let there be light. And there was light.’ Vivid musical illustrations are painted of the first rain and clouds, animals and birds and ‘fishy denizens of the deep’, concluding with Adam and Eve’s rapturous hymn of praise for their newly made world.

Garsington Opera collaborates with Rambert, Britain’s national dance company, to bring you an inspiring realisation of their own Creation through music and dance.

Douglas Boyd conducts with choreography by Rambert’s Artistic Director Mark Baldwin and performances from the company’s exceptional dancers who will be joined on stage by Garsington Opera’s Orchestra and Chorus. Designs by renowned artist Pablo Bronstein will add a spectacular visual dimension to Haydn’s music.

Sarah Tynan
James Gilchrist
Neal Davies
Douglas Boyd
Mark Baldwin
Pablo Bronstein
Lighting Designer
Mark Henderson
Costumes Co-designer
Stevie Stewart
Dancers of the Rambert company
Garsington Opera & Chorus
Sung in English
There will be a long dinner interval and dress is evening wear, as for opera performances.
Part One

The Representation of Chaos

The First Day

Raphael, recitative: In the beginning God created the heaven and the earth
Chorus: And the spirit of God moved upon the face of the waters
Uriel, recitative: And God saw the light, that it was good
Uriel, aria: Now vanish before the holy beams
Chorus: Despairing, cursing rage

The Second Day

Raphael, recitative: And God made the firmament
Gabriel, aria: The glorious heav'nly hierarchy
Chorus: And to the ethereal vaults resounds

The Third Day

Raphael, recitative: And God said: Let the waters under the heaven
Raphael, aria: Rolling in foaming billows
Gabriel, recitative: And God said: Let the earth bring forth grass
Gabriel, aria: With verdure clad
Uriel, recitative: And the heavenly host
Chorus: Awake the harp, the lyre awake!

The Fourth Day

Uriel, recitative: And God said: Let there be lights
Uriel, recitative: In brightest splendour rises now
Chorus and Trio: The heavens are telling

Part Two
The Fifth Day

Gabriel, recitative: And God said: Let the waters bring forth
Gabriel, aria: On mighty pens uplifted
Raphael, recitative: And God created great whales
Trio: Most beautiful appear
Trio and Chorus: The Lord is great and great his might

The Sixth Day

Raphael, recitative: And God said: Let the earth bring forth
Raphael, aria: Now heaven in fullest glory shines 
Uriel, recitative: And God created man in his own image
Uriel, aria: In native worth and honour clad
Raphael, recitative: And God saw everything
Chorus and Trio: Achieved is the glorious work

Part Three
Adam and Eve in Eden

Introduction: Morning
Uriel, recitative: In rosy mantle now appears
Adam and Eve and Chorus: By thee with bliss, O bounteous Lord
Adam and Eve, recitative: Our duty have we now performed 
Adam and Eve, duet: Graceful consort!

Final Scene

Uriel, recitative: O happy pair, and always happy yet
Chorus: Praise the Lord, uplift your voices!

Thursday 14 July
Friday 15 July
Saturday 16 July
Sunday 17 July