Singing solo in Silver Birch

William Saint (right) is one of the child soloists singing the role of Leo in Silver Birch. We asked him to tell us about himself. 

My name is William. I am 11 years old and a pupil in Year 6 at Stokenchurch Primary School.

How did you get involved in Silver Birch?

I first auditioned for Garsington's Primary Company at my school and then heard about the auditions for the child soloists, and thought I would give it a try. I was really excited to be chosen. There are two of us playing Leo – myself and Sacha. We are going to take it in turns to perform in the opera on different nights. On the nights that we are not a soloist, Sacha and I are going to be in the Primary Company, so we will have to remember which part we are supposed to be singing.

What have you been doing so far?

The child soloists have been rehearsing every Tuesday afternoon with the Primary Company and then on our own at the end. We have been learning our parts with Suzi, Karen and Natasha. Suzi gives us all special things to practise – mine is to sing with my head against a wall, so that I don’t lift my head up on the high notes.

What have you been enjoying the most?

I have really enjoyed the rehearsals as everyone is very kind to us, and we are learning a lot. It is a challenge to sing and act and move at the same time and remember everything. I like the fact that I am doing the opera with my friends, and have also made some new ones. Some of my teachers are doing it too, and my Mum!

What are you looking forward to about performing at Garsington?

It will be really good to see the whole opera come together.  I think it is going to be very exciting to be on the big stage and also a bit scary!