The role of a video designer

Mischa Ying, Video Designer for Silver Birch, talks about her role in the process: 

As a video designer, I respond to the score in relation to both the set design and in some cases the choreography.

What have you enjoyed about the experience?

Being from a non-classical background I have loved witnessing the making process; from Jessica Duchen's libretto which connects past and present generations, to Roxanna's beautifully complex, emotional response and musical setting of the words. What I have found reassuring is that even though our tools are very different, the response to Karen Gillingham's brief rings true. 

I was excited to discover Cambridge University had bought the notebooks kept by Siegfried Sassoon and feel lucky to be able to sample digital excerpts written in the trenches, including the infamous Declaration of War, which provides a real sense of depth to the video design. 

Have there been any challenges?

The biggest challenge has been developing the video content based on a score and midi file as the music is only fully revealed once the orchestra start rehearsing which is quite close to my deadline! 

What are you looking forward to about the production at Wormsley?

Other than the battle scene with the Pinewood Studios Foley sound team I am most excited to see all the elements coming together as there is so much work from other departments that I have yet to see, not to mention in such a gorgeous space.