The Primary Company

Here some of the pupils from Frieth C.E.C School share their Silver Birch experiences: 

Being in Garsington Primary Company is interesting because we’ve been learning lots of new things and techniques for singing and opera. The experience of rehearsing and performing with the rest of the Primary Company and also with the rest of Garsington Opera is just brilliant. Although it can be tiring, it will be immensely rewarding and enjoyable when we perform in front of 600 people… three times! Garsington gives us a taste of performing, acting and singing, to see if we would like to pursue it as a career later in life. It helps us to make loads of new friends from lots of different schools.

“It’s a breath-taking experience.” Bertie

“I can’t wait to see it all come together.” Ellie

“It unlocked a part of me I never knew was there!” Chloe

"The experience is amazing!” Molly

“I’ve been really enjoying it because it can help us with our career.” Ottoline

“I’ve never done something so engaging!” Charlotte

“This is the most important thing I have ever done!” Emma

“This is a fun production!” Jack

“I’m so happy I auditioned!” Sacha