Looking forward to The Creation

In 2016 we embark on an innovative artistic project with Rambert, Britain's national dance company, in a unique realisation of Haydn’s The Creation through music and dance.

Douglas Boyd conducts with choreography by Rambert’s Artistic Director Mark Baldwin and performances from the company’s exceptional dancers who will be joined on stage by outstanding soloists, Garsington Opera’s Orchestra and Chorus. Designs by renowned artist Pablo Bronstein will add a spectacular visual dimension to Haydn’s music.

Here, our Artistic Director, Dougie Boyd gives us a few hints as to what might be in store.

The oratorio depicts and celebrates the creation of the world as described in the Book of Genesis and in Paradise Lost. 

Like all the truly great composers, Haydn paints extraordinary images of the text, perhaps especially in the orchestral music as well as the solo voices and choral writing. Through the mystery of music, we can hear and see in our imagination everything from cows in the fields and whales in the sea, to the moment when God said "Let there be light".

The Creation was a profound act of faith for Haydn; who was a deeply religious man and appended the words "Praise to God" at the end of every completed composition. He later remarked, "I was never so devout as when I was at work on The Creation; I fell on my knees each day and begged God to give me the strength to finish the work." 

It seemed to me that this intensely visual and spiritual work might lend itself to what we hope will be an inspiring collaboration with Rambert and their Artistic Director Mark Baldwin.

The Creation Cast Garsington Opera in collaboration with Rambert
Soprano Sarah Tynan
Tenor James Gilchrist
Bass Neal Davies
Dancers of the Rambert company Garsington Opera Orchestra & Chorus

Creative Team
Conductor Douglas Boyd
Choreographer/Director Mark Baldwin
Designer/Director Pablo Bronstein
Lighting Designer Mark Henderson

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